Quick-Help is a company built to provide convenience to a complicating and aging American society. It’s inevitable that people with a certain complexity of life due to property, family, work, social obligations, age, etc. come across inconveniences around the home that don’t fit well with their current lifestyle or busy schedules. Some examples of this could be an elderly couple that needs their basement cleaned out, or a traveling salesmen that can’t find time to set up his child’s trampoline. Although these are only two specific examples, these types of menial jobs are essentially endless and unpredictable in our lives. Hence, they often burn up valuable down/family time and brew excuses that start with “one of these days I’ll…” or “I have to find the time to do that…”

With a call-for-anything 24 hour open phone line (1-855-385-7669), Quick-Help’s goal is to be your reliable, convenient, and economical answer to life’s menial jobs. We’ll provide you with a smart strong hand that will work directly for or alongside you and help you with anything you might need an extra hand with.

Some examples of Quick-Help commonly provided services are:

IMAGE-Garage/Basement Cleaning & De-Junking
-Gardening/Yard Work
-Dog Walking
-Spring/Fall Clean Up
-Party Assistance
-Snow Removal
-Furniture Moving/Removing
-House Sitting/Mail Collection
-Property Liquidation
-Shrub Pulling
-Picture Hanging
-Pool Maintenance
-General Accompaniment (Walking, Sporting Activities, etc.)